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Simplify workforce planning.

Talent demands and needs can change quickly, and organizations need the ability to react quickly; however, when it comes to building workforce plans, HR teams are often slowed down by manual, siloed and time- consuming processes. Organizations need robust, integrated workforce planning solutions that provide a complete view of their organization’s workforce capacity and future needs.


IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson® allows businesses to automate manual processes for more reliable decision making. This high performance, integrated planning tool allows organizations to align departmental staffing needs with organizational objectives, deliver in-the-moment talent plans, optimize existing resources, and provide foresight into future needs.

Workforce Planning

Build strategic plans to optimize budget allocation, spend visibility, and performance. Track and analyze marketing spend and performance to drive the highest ROI with IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.


Headcount and staffing planning

Ensure accurate, comprehensive visibility into your workforce capacity and headcount planning by unifying all your data. Align workforce plans to organizational growth, strategy, objectives, and performance.



Make sure your compensation plan is competitive and aligns with corporate objectives, talent acquisition and retention. See the impact of merit increases and promotions before you implement them with what-if scenario modeling.



Skills development is crucial to workforce longevity and success. Skills can be tracked and measured to ensure ROI can be provided to justify such programs.

See how you can create more accurate workforce plans with an integrated planning and analytics solution.

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