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IBM Planning Analytics

Automate and unify integrated business planning across your organization​

What is the IBM Planning Analytics?

IBM Planning Analytics is an AI-infused integrated business planning solution ​that turns raw data into actionable insights.

Predict outcomes with flexible and AI-infused forecasting. Analyze large-scale and fine-grain what-if scenarios in real time so you can pivot quickly. Deploy as you need — on-premises or on cloud, including as a service on AWS.


With IBM Planning Analytics’ data integration capabilities, access data from multiple sources via an intuitive web interface or familiar Excel spreadsheets. Its in-memory database (TM1) analyzes big data fast to give real-time insights. 

Why IBM Planning Analytics?


Understand profitability

Break down profitability streams into fine detail. Turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights.


Anticipate outcomes

Leverage built-in AI capabilities and ‘what-if’ scenarios to forecast faster and with greater accuracy.


Unlock collaboration

The easy-to-use platform guides your team through planning and automating workflows, enhancing collaboration.

Key Features:

Fine-grain data analysis

Real-time multidimensional analysis of massive amounts of data down to SKU product level.

Embedded AI

Built-in AI advanced forecasting, with upcoming Gen AI capabilities enhancing accuracy and predictive insights.

Built-in reporting

Generate, customize, and share insightful reports directly within the platform, without exporting data to other tools.

Pre-built applications for planning​

Accelerate planning with pre-built apps for financial, demand, workforce, and IT project planning.

Familiar Excel interface​

All spreadsheet functionality but with added governance and control. Any adjustments can be applied in real-time to all views.

Intuitive web interface

Powerful data visualization capabilities with advanced planning and forecasting functionalities.