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Supply Chain

Plan for anything, be ready for everything to drive more accurate supply chain planning and forecasting.

Supply chain management professionals are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve margins. Unfortunately, many lack access to comprehensive data and rely on manual planning tools. With demand volatility on the rise, supply chain leaders will need to upgrade to a continuous integrated planning approach to gain real-time visibility into the disparate data that drives operational efficiency and actionable insights.


With IBM Planning Analytics with Watson it’s easy to create and adjust plans as needed by leveraging deep insights to understand what is driving demand and your business. Streamline the planning process across the entire enterprise to create supply chain plans that are smooth, synchronized, responsive and resilient.

Cost To Serve

Apply dynamic cost allocation methodologies to determine the true cost of servicing your customer, channels, and products. Understand the actual true cost pool build-up of products flowing through your supply chain; from procurement, receiving, storage, put-away, picking, despatch and transport to the store.


S&OP (Sales and Operational Planning)

Unify business unit planning, leverage real-time insights, and make better-informed decisions to maximize profitability.



Identify trends, spot variances, and leverage external data and predictive insights to understand what is driving demand and create more accurate demand forecasts.



Create accurate and agile inventory and capacity plans to meet demand, avoiding shortages and stockouts consistently and efficiently.

See how predictive baselines help improve demand forecast accuracy.