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The office of finance is evolving.

As we enter a new era of finance transformation with companies looking to integrate, manage and analyse their enterprise data, role players will take on a strategic, digital-first approach. Companies will need to adopt strategies that are focused on process automation, integration, agility, transparency and data-driven decisions that expand across the entire enterprise. Creating plans that provide an enterprise-wide impact is the new normal.


IBM ® Planning Analytics with Watson ® accelerates the planning process. FP&A teams can now focus on higher-value work by providing deep insights into business drivers, forecasting multiple scenarios and generating predictive insights to adjust plans and forecasts easily. With IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, planning and analysis can be easily extended across all lines of business to ensure operational activities are aligned with financial plans and corporate strategies and company goals.

Planning solutions for financial
planning & analysis


Planning, budgeting & forecasting

Deliver dynamic, reliable plans, budgets and forecasts with speed, and easily adjust as the market changes. Infuse AI, predictive insights and advanced analytics into your process to make smarter business decisions and drive future-ready business performance.


Profitability modelling & analysis

Gain new insights into the drivers of revenue, profit and cash flow by evaluating the performance of products, customers, channels and model changes. Resources can then be shifted to support most profitable areas of the business.



Align financial plans with operational plans, linking strategic goals with operational performance and execution. This will provide a holistic view of the business to drive better financial outcomes.

Discover how IBM Planning Analytics with Watson can be used to create and track a financial plan for a large enterprise with multiple divisions, by allowing finance teams to access real-time data across the organization.

Explore the innovative functionality that helps planning professionals overcome the common challenges of planning, budgeting and forecasting.