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Turning insights into actions with IBM Business Analytics

Turning insights into actions with IBM Business Analytics

We are living in the age of the unexpected. The pandemic, regulatory changes, economic questions, and human resource and supply chain challenges are just some of the disruptions that have impacted organizations. Disruptions will continue to surface unexpectedly, leaving broad and lasting impacts on organizations and their ecosystems. The result is an increased pressure to make smart decisions faster and often against a moving target.

Most organizations are now understanding the value of making decisions based on data insights rather than experience or intuition alone. However, the organizations that will navigate the unexpected successfully and win will do more than make data-driven decisions. These organizations will focus on how insights are framed, created, marketed, consumed and stored for reuse.

That’s where business analytics comes in.

What is IBM Business Analytics?

IBM is helping clients successfully navigate the age of the unexpected with IBM Business Analytics, an enterprise-grade, trusted, scalable and integrated analytics solution portfolio. It streamlines and extends enterprise reporting, self-service analysis and planning strategies across the organization to empower teams to better predict and shape future outcomes.

With the new IBM Business Analytics Enterprise, we are bundling together Planning Analytics with Watson, Cognos Analytics with Watson and the new Analytics Content Hub. This enables a single point of entry for planning, budgeting, forecasting, dashboarding and reporting. Now you aren’t just breaking down departmental and data silos, but analytic silos, too.

The capabilities of bundled business analytics

Planning Analytics with Watson addresses integrated business planning in extended planning and analysis (xP&A) including FP&A, HR, S&OP, Marketing, Project/IT planning and more. It’s the only planning analytics solution on the market that excels in all areas of continuous, integrated, predictive and prescriptive planning.

Next, IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson is a trusted AI co-pilot for business decision-makers who want to improve the impact of their business function by empowering every user to turn data into insights, and rapidly make business decisions. IBM is the only partner that can plan at the speed of your business and for the integrity of your environment, increasing accuracy and consistency with AI and prescriptive analytics capabilities you can trust.

And last but certainly not least, we’ll showcase the new IBM Analytics Content Hub in Business Analytics Enterprise, which is designed to break down organizational analytic silos and help you deliver all your analytics capabilities to your teams.

The benefits of business analytics

Most recently, review site G2 named Planning Analytics a “Leader” in their Fall 2022 report and Cognos Analytics a “Top 50 Analytics and AI” product for 2022. TrustRadius awarded both Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics a “Top Rated” designation. Over the last couple years, a range of companies shared their feedback, leading to many of the improvements in the user experience, AI innovations and deployment options available today.

Organizations use analytics and AI to enhance decision-making that drives competitive advantage. Consider food packaging leader Novolex, who had to adapt their planning cycles during the COVID-19 pandemic. As shared in the case study, Violeta Nedelcu, Supply Chain Director at Novolex states, “Instead of taking weeks, the company can now process data within a few hours, taking two days for analysis, discussion and review, and provide clarity on the available capacity to proceed with new products and to support the current market.” Overall, Novolex was able to see a 83% reduction in forecasting processing times.

With business analytics, organizations in all industries, can experience the power of faster, better planning and analysis with data-driven precision. We look to continue helping organizations achieve successful implementations across their analytics cycle. 

Source: Turning insights into actions with IBM Business Analytics

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