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What do you need to know about IBM Planning Analytics?

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IBM Planning Analytics:

Administration Training

Receive training to assume responsibility for the security and administration of the TM1 environment at your organisation.

Learn how to use TM1 tools to help optimise performance of the application(s), how to manage user security and other administrative tasks.

Required: Completed TM1 End User course.

IBM Planning Analytics:

End User training

Receive training for analysing data and creating reports, templates and applications.

Learn how to access data stored in a TM1 model, how to create custom views, enter data, build reports and create applications for access via a browser.

Required: intermediate experience with Excel and an understanding of business metrics and drivers.

Advanced IBM Planning Analytics:

Developer training

Receive training to assume responsibility for design, development and deployment of TM1 within your organisation.

You may also manage the data flow from source systems or files to TM1.

Learn how to design a multi-dimensional model, import and export data, write business rules, work with multiple cubes and set up user security.

Required: Completed TM1 End User course / equivalent skill set.

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