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Marketing planning.

As customer needs and preferences change, so do marketing plans. But large volumes of data, siloed systems and manual data aggregation can slow down analysis cycles. IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson® accelerates marketing planning and allows marketers to pivot in real time to adjust plans, campaigns and tactics.


Automate manual processes, unite silos across the business, and create a single source of truth. Create models that predict potential ROI or improve forecast accuracy, see the impact of decisions before making them, identify trends and better understand what is driving customer demand and campaign performance.

Marketing Planning


Resource allocation

Ensure visibility into your marketing spend and easily allocate and reallocate resources based on performance or changing demand. Track results on multiple dimensions (by campaign, channel, business unit, etc.) to compare budget to actual.


Revenue planning

Create more accurate revenue plans and forecasts based on historical sales data, marketing performance metrics, and predictive analytics. Ensure marketing performance achieves business objectives.


Campaign optimization

Track and analyze campaigns in real time to understand performance against targets and make ongoing adjustments. Perform deep granular analysis to understand buying behaviors and customer churn.