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Reduce Processes

Optimise Planning

Increase Profits

Venn Cubed offers flexible, agile solutions that can provide fast, reliable results – with deeper insight and greater foresight.


A surprising amount of finance professionals often can’t deliver plans, budgets, forecasts, reports and value-added analysis on time.

The Problem: an unreasonable and unnecessary amount of time is spent on manual, spreadsheet-based processes – collecting, consolidating and validating data.


With Venn Cubed at your side, you’ll spend less time preparing data and more time analysing, planning and taking action.


We redesign and automate business processes to allow quick and easy self-service reporting.

Various Industries Have Benefited from Successfully Implemented Solutions

Financial Services
Transportation Retail
  • Drowning in excel spreadsheets? Can’t keep track of document versions? Budget cycle keeping you up at night?
  • Venn Cubed has helped MANY organisations seamlessly transform their manual BUDGET process into a world-class planning application.
  • The result: all geographies and departments can participate in a collaborative planning process, taking ownership of their own budget.
  • IBM PLANNING Analytics automates and improves your essential planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis process.
  • Venn Cubed’s tailor-made solutions improves your Budgets, Rolling FORECASTS, Driver-based forecasting, ‘What-if?’ scenarios, whether it is required BOTTOM UP or TOP DOWN.
  • Would you like to optimise your financial close, consolidation and reporting?
  • We reduce the RISK & COST by automating your Reporting process.
  • We can simplify the task of providing integrated financial information and cut days off your monthly close.
  • The Certent Disclosure Management solution is your answer for all Narrative Reporting and Disclosure Management.
  • Quickly create close reports, financial statements, regulatory and financial reports and deliver to internal and external stakeholders.
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    They key is to make profitability decisions at the correct level. We help you to put solutions in place that allocate costs dynamically to any level of detail and complexity.
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    We simplify complex Expense or Income allocations with built-in validations and reporting.
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    Our multi-layer allocation models give you real-time reporting when data changed.
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    Now you can automatically calculate complex allocations and reconcile back to the source.

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