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IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is a pioneer of in-memory technology, created to transform the line of business or enterprise,  and provides the next generation of budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis.

IBM Planning Analytics retains the familiar Microsoft Excel interface where needed, to accelerate adoption.

It is available on the cloud or on premise, with extensive mobile capabilities.

In addition, integrated scorecards and strategy management capabilities help you monitor performance metrics and align resources and initiatives with corporate objectives and market events.

IBM Planning Analytics gives you:


Start instantly and grow deployment quickly, wherever needed.  Automate plans, analyses and reports to drive efficiency.


Adapt plans and analyses to changing business conditions. Align financial plans with corporate objectives, linked to operational tactics and market events.


Make analytics available to everyone – so they can explore and visualise both internal and external data and anticipate the future.

Features & Benefits

  • Links operational tactics to financial plans, synthesises information, infers trends and delivers insights
  • Automates manual, spreadsheet-based planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis
  • Real-time consolidations
  • Bottom-up and top-down planning capabilities
  • Budgeting and rolling forecast
  • Input / sore commentary
  • ‘What-if’ scenarios
  • Driver-based models
  • Currency translation
  • Expense allocations / recharges
  • Centrally control all business rules / logic
  • Multiple snapshots of submitted forecast & budget
  • Financial analysis and reporting via Excel and web
  • Slice & dice
  • Drill into transactions
  • Custom hierarchies / consolidations to suit different reporting requirements
  • Drag and drop and build your own reports
  • Upscale the model as and when the business grows
  • Deploy models for different areas of business and merge into the central model
  • Protect the data by assigning the users to the groups within planning analytics
  • Workspace is IBM’S new, innovative web and mobile platform that is redesigning the user experience for all roles of Planning Analytics users.
  • Workspace includes a sleek design of interactive dashboards for planning, analysis and reporting
  • Combines data from all your Planning Analytics Databases into a single synchronised sheet
  • Users of any level of experience can author content for web or mobile consumption
  • Workspace supports a new viewer that provides for ad-hoc calculations
  • Over 25 chart types, web sheets, videos, images, shapes, access to all web content links
  • Navigation buttons to create managed applications across several integrated assets
  • Workspace provides collaboration in the context of ‘Books’ so comments and questions can surface greater insight into your data
  • Access and interact with Planning Analytics data using any supported web browser
  • Faster websheet loading, recalculation and scrolling
  • Conditional formatting colour scale and icon set
  • ActiveX control support
  • Exploration, input template design and reporting for all modes of user using Excel interface
  • Fast over WANs – no Citrix needed
  • Copy/paste to multiple cells, find/replace, direct cell reference to load input cells
  • Pop-up viewer and set editor shared with workspace
  • Hierarchies will change the game of analysis with IBM Planning Analytics
  • Use product or customer attributes in your slice/dice/pivot tools as ‘virtual’ dimensions without having to physically define them as a dimension when creating the cube
  • Add hierarchies at any time after the cube exists, so your analysis opportunities are endless
  • Applications are half the size and twice as fast since you don’t need physical dimensions to drive analysis and multiple hierarchies for the same dimension in the same query

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