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Power BI

Uncover powerful insights and turn them into impact.

Create a data-driven culture with BI for all

Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI). Connect to and visualize any data, and seamlessly infuse the visuals into the apps you use every day.


Why PowerBI?


Seamlessly scale as needed

Transform petabytes with enterprise-grade ingestion and semantic modeling in a tool that can scale across thousands of users.


Share insights everywhere

Easily embed and share reports in your other Microsoft services, including Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, and Power Platform.


Get more done with AI

Employ easy-to-use AI features that can find patterns in data, create reports instantly, provide answers, and more.

Key Features:

Uncover insights with AI

Turn your data into visuals with advanced data-analysis tools, AI capabilities, and a user-friendly report-creation tool.

Bring all your data tougher

Create datasets from any source and add them to the OneLake data hub to create a source of truth for your data.

Turn insights into impact

Help users make better decisions by infusing insights into the apps you use every day, like those in Microsoft 365.

Empower every data team

Reshape how your organization accesses, manages, and acts on data by activating Microsoft Fabric in your Power BI experience.