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About Us

Since our founding in 2004, Venn Cubed has delivered tailor-made enterprise performance management solutions across all functional areas of a business. Finance, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain, HR and other departments all need fast, flexible planning and analysis, and all of them require a tool that provides better insight and automated processes.

Our track record and experience in solving complex business problems for multiple use cases across industries, enables us to work with our clients to execute their digital transformation strategy.

We help you build an integrated environment. Enforce Collaborative decision making and drive better business results


Human Resources:

Workforce Planning
Headcount & Staffing Planning
Salary & Compensation Planning
Training & Development


Information Technology:

IT Portfolio Planning
Shared Services Planning
Project Planning
Budget Forecasting



Strategic Financial Planning
Capital Planning
Expense Planning
Enterprise Scorecards
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheets
Cash Flow
IRFS 16 Lease Reporting



Sales Forecasting
Sales Territory Planning
Quota Planning & Management
Sales Dashboards
Incentive Compensation Management
Sales Channels



Demand Planning
Strategy & Operations Planning
Supply Chain Planning
Capacity & Inventory Planning
Operational KPI's
Product Allocations



Promotion Planning
Revenue Planning
Customer & Product Profitability
Campaign Scorecards

Move beyond spreadsheets and be part of the digital transformation.

Our Core Services

Building enduring value through bold strategies

Our Solutions

Create long term value across the organisation.


Critical Business Value

  • One version of the truth
  • Numbers you can trust
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Synchronize processes across business units

Save Time and Cost

  • Reduced reporting, budgeting and forecasting cycle
  • Easily adjust your planning cadence to respond to market events quickly and to plan at the speed your business requires

Easily Scalable

  • Built for the future, not just today
  • Supports your growing data volumes and user needs without impacting performance


  • Adopt strategies that are focused on process automation
  • Drive continuous improvement across the organisation

Latest Case Studies

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    Turning insights into actions with IBM Business Analytics We are living in the age of the unexpected. The pandemic, regulatory changes, economic questions, and human resource and supply chain challenges are just some of the disruptions that have impacted organizations. Disruptions will continue to surface unexpectedly, leaving broad and lasting impacts on organizations and their

  • Building a culture of data-driven decisions and insights with IBM Business Analytics

    Building a culture of data-driven decisions and insights with IBM Business Analytics Organizations are managing and analyzing large datasets every day, but many still need the right tools to generate data-driven insights. Even more, organizations need the ability to bring data insights to the right users to make faster, more effective business decisions amid unpredictable

  • Financial planning and budgeting: Navigating the Budgeting Paradox

    Financial planning & budgeting: Navigating the Budgeting Paradox Budgeting, an essential pillar of financial planning for organizations, often presents a unique dilemma known as the “Budgeting Paradox.” Ideally, a budget should give the most accurate and timely idea of anticipated revenues and expenses. However, the traditional budgeting process, in its pursuit of precision and consensus, can take