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Business Planning and Modelling platform

What is the Analogic Framework?

The Analogic Framework is a cutting-edge software development framework tailored for building advanced financial planning and business simulation applications. Powered by the robust IBM Planning Analytics Engine, it revolutionizes the way businesses plan and simulate.

Analogic UI Example

Why Choose the Analogic Framework?


  • Simulation Over Reporting:

    Dive deeper than traditional reporting; explore advanced simulations.

  • Transparent Business Logic:

    Clear, easy-to-understand, and modifiable logic.

  • IBM-Driven Reliability:

    Reliable and high-performing, thanks to IBM technology.

  • Advanced Analytics:

    Seamlessly integrate machine learning technologies.

  • Versatile Integration:

    Python middleware ensures a smooth and versatile data integration process.

Delve Deeper: Components of the Analogic Framework

  • JS Frontend Framework:

    A dynamic collection of JavaScript "widgets" forming the building blocks of your applications. From simple buttons to intricate GridTables, every UI element is a widget instance, directly communicating with the Planning Analytics database.

  • Python Middleware:

    A Flask-based intermediary layer bridging the frontend and database. Facilitates secure operations like file uploads and intricate widget-backend interactions.

  • Sample Applications:

    Get a head start with "helloanalogic", a sample application that showcases the Web UI features sans the TM1 server setup.

Analogic UI Example

Seamlessly Complementing TM1 and PAW

Our offering doesn’t stop at the Analogic Framework. We seamlessly integrate this state-of-the-art framework with our existing TM1 and PAW services. Experience a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your business needs.